Lithuanian-Swedish Academy has signed a consultancy agreement with NFQ Technologies to support their planned establishment in Sweden

DEC 7, 2020


Lithuanian-Swedish Academy will support NFQ Technologies Lithuania (international digital innovation company) with consultant service in their assessment of the Swedish market for NFQ Technologies planned business activities between Lithuania and Sweden.

Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea region 2020 – Riga, Latvia

DEC 2-3, 2020


Riga Technical University with partners are pleased to organize the Road Safety conference with participation of European Road traffic safety key experts and Vision Zero policy leaders.

Outstanding plenary speakers made a great contribution to the successful Road Safety Conferences in Vilnius, Lithuania 2018 and Tallinn, Estonia 2019. Riga Technical University are proud that the Riga 2020 conference has further developed this concept for the road safety development.


The Conference will take place on 2-3 December, 2020.

Registration and Information on the conference website

Director of Lithuanian-Swedish Academy appointed as a member of the Organizing Committee for Road Safety Conference in Riga, Latvia

SEP 30, 2020


Tommy Fagerlund the Director of Lithuanian-Swedish Academy has been appointed as Executive Member of the Organizing Committee for the Road Safety Conference, 2-3 December 2020, in Riga, Latvia. The Organizing Committee Chairman is Professor Juris Smirnovs from Riga Technical University.

Safety on the Roads and Around Trucks, exercise book for 30,000 Children

AUG 27, 2020


The traffic safety exercise book for school children in Lithuania was published in 30,000 copies at the start of the school year 2020/21. Which aim is to explain to children what the key things are to notice on the roads and how to behave.

The stake holders for initiative “Be Safe on the Road” are Girteka Logistics with its partners Circle K Lithuania, Volvo Trucks Lithuania, Lithuanian Police, and the organization Save the Children. The area is also as part of the Lithuanian-Swedish Academy project “Road Safety and Vision Zero in Lithuania”.


According to the data of the Lithuanian Road Police, the largest part of the accidents where people were killed – 33% – were caused by drivers driving at unsafe, over-the-limit speeds. However, in the second place (24%) were the accidents caused by pedestrians who did not follow traffic safety rules.


Information at

Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety In the Baltic Sea region 2019 – Tallinn, Estonia

DEC 4-5, 2019


This conference is a fantastic opportunity for academicians and practitioners to meet and exchange experiences and to learn from the best within road safety including policy, road infrastructure, behavioural aspects and human factors, innovations of vehicles and transportation modes, individual, organizational and political aspects of road safety.


Conference will take place on Dec 4-5, 2019

Register on the conference website

Proceedings of the International Conference “Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in Baltic Sea Region”, 5–6 December 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

JUN, 2019


This book gathers papers presented at the International Conference “Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in Baltic Sea Region”, held on 5-6 December 2018. Conference organized by Lithuanian-Swedish Academy and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.


Editors: Prof. Andras Varhelyi from Lund University, Dr. Vidas Žuraulis and Prof. Olegas Prentkovskis from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.


Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Seminar “Safe and Sober talk: The fight against drink-driving” - Vilnius, Lithuania

MAY 28, 2019


Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the four main killers on the road, alongside speeding, non-use of seatbelts and driver distraction. Impairment through alcohol is an important factor influencing both the risk of a collision as well as the severity of the injuries that result from collisions.

Across Europe, there is still a group of hard-core drink driving offenders that seem unwilling or unable to change their behaviour despite the use of traditional countermeasures such as awareness campaigns, fines and driving bans.

Studies have repeatedly shown that alcohol interlock programmes, combined with rehabilitation programmes, cut reoffending rates both during and after the driver has installed the device in their vehicle.

Speakers from European Commission (Brussels), Lithuania and Sweden.

New Director of Lithuanian-Swedish Academy

APR 27, 2019


Tommy Fagerlund has been appointed as the Director of Lithuanian-Swedish Academy.

Seminar “Swedish-Lithuanian cooperation in traffic safety” – Vilnius, Lithuania

APR 8, 2019


The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden will introduce important solutions to improve Road Safety in Lithuania. Presentations will be made from Swedish companies and Ministry of Transport and Communication in Lithuania.


Lithuanian Ministry for Transport and Communications has planned ambitious road safety improvement programs 2019-2022 and is interested in Swedish traffic safety experience and solutions for:  Safer behavior of users (Intelligent Transport Solutions, Safer roads infrastructure, Safer/greener vehicles, Effective post-accidents assistance, Detail investigation of all traffic accidents.


Therefore, the seminar will introduce Lithuanian traffic safety investment plans as well as allow Swedish companies to present their products, services and know-how to stakeholders from the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications, Road Administration, largest municipalities and others.

Conference Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety In the Baltic Sea region – Vilnius, Lithuania

DEC 5-6, 2018


The aim of the conference is to highlight Road Safety by cooperation between Sweden, Norway and Lithuania. Sweden and Norway have for the last 20 years the lowest traffic related death rate in Europe.


The conference will present and share the experience of Road Safety in 8 General sessions and 40 Concurrent session by speakers from European Commission (Brussels), Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Romania and Russia. website archive


Media reports from the Conference:


Article in in December 18, 2018.


Publication by Springer International Publishing in June 2019.

Lithuania and Sweden will co-operate in the Traffic Safety project “Vision Zero”

SEP 20, 2018


The Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Maria Christina Lundqvist and Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania Rokas Masiulis signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in transport policies between Lithuania and Sweden.


The memorandum focuses on cooperation in road traffic safety, transport policies, and the implementation of Vision Zero project. Sweden's experience in road traffic safety is highly valuable to Lithuania as is closer bilateral cooperation striving to improve road safety.


The agreement enables the countries to conclude more detailed information on the implementation of the memorandum provisions as well as action plans on concrete cooperation activities.


The memorandum of understanding has been signed at the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius.


The cooperation and action plans of this memorandum will be coordinated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications together with the Embassy of Sweden to Lithuania.

Study visit to Lindholmen Science Park and Municipality of Gothenburg in Sweden

FEB 13-15, 2018


Study the development and evaluation of Road safety program of the Municipality of Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park. Among projects to study: Speed limiting measures for road safety to secure close to zero accidents and injuries in traffic, new approach to mobility and enabling sustainable cities, development and innovation within transport efficiency, innovation and maintenance of competence in the automotive IT that helps to secure sustainable and safe mobility.

Vision Zero Seminar for Road Safety - Vilnius, Lithuania

OCT 26, 2017


Road Safety is a major social issue. In Europe, more than 26,000 people die in traffic every year. For every traffic-related death on Europe's roads, there is an estimation of four permanently disabling injuries, eight serious injuries and fifty minor injuries. In addition to human suffering, this is causing the society extensive costs for healthcare, rehabilitation and sick leaves.


The Seminar” Vision Zero for Road Safety in Lithuania” will present and share the experience of road safety in Sweden for the last 20 years, leading to Sweden having the lowest traffic-related death rate in the European Union.